Is it safe in Greece?

Yes. In fact it’s one of the safest countries in the world!

How can I enter Greece now?

Because of the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 virus and its consequences, this condition is due to change frequently, so please contact the Administration Office for further information.

The current condition is influenced by Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences, and is anticipated to amend frequently depending on epidemiological surveillance, thus please contact the Secretariat for further information.

Are classes online or on premises?

Both. According to the needs of the course and the measures for Covid-19 some classes may be online.

Both options are currently available and functional. Depending on epidemiological surveillance of Covid-19, the prerequisites of each course’s syllabus are scheduled to be fulfilled both online and in person tuition.

Where can I get more information on Covid-19 for Greece?

You can get more information on the website of the Greek National Public Health Organization (