How do I apply to the program?

You may find information on how to apply and documentation needed here.

When does the application open?

Applications have already begun.

When is the application deadline?

The deadline for the first application period is January 31.

Can I make an appointment to meet with an advisor?

Feel free to contact the Secretariat and we will make an appointment.

What are the requirements of getting in?

You may find relative information here.

How much does tuition cost? 

Tuition fees are 12,000 euros per academic year.

Are there any scholarships?

No scholarships available at the moment.

What level of English is required?

Required level of English language is B2 or TOEFL with minimum score 79/100.

Do I need to know Greek?

No. You will be taught the Greek language during your studies.

What are my chances of being admitted?

Your chances are high. Although our program is very competitive, we offer 60 positions for new students each academic year.

Do I have to take B-MAT, AUSoM Test etc. in Greece?

No. All the above tests can be taken online.

What about my student VISA?

Getting a VISA depends on your country of origin. You must contact the competent authority of your country. You can find more information on the website https://www.mfa.gr/en/visas/

How can I enter Greece?

Citizens of European Union countries covered by the Schengen Agreement, can enter Greece with an identity card or passport. However, please contact the authorities of your country for further information. Citizens of other countries should refer to their authorities for the necessary documents. All students, must apply for long-term residence permit for studies, upon arrival. Our administration office is at your disposal.