Anaesthesiology (MD1061) 4 ECTS


The object of this course is to understand the methods and techniques for the perioperative management of the surgical patient. Upon successful completion of this course the students will be familiar with all the issues related with anesthesia such as: Applied Respiratory Physiology, Applied Cardiovascular Physiology, Usage of anesthetics and sedatives as well as of drugs acting on the cardiovascular and respiratory system, perioperative fluid and blood products administration. Upon completion of the skill stations/workshops students will be able to perform basic airway maneuvers and to ventilate patients. Moreover, it is possible for students that have demonstrated interest to apply all of the knowledge they perceived on patients in the operating theatres of university hospital AHEPA.


Associate Professor of Anaesthesiology - Cardioanaesthesiology
Associate Professor of Anaesthesiology - Scientific field: Neuroanaesthesiology