Medical Physics (MD1002) ECTS


Classical Mechanics, Relativity, Quantum theory, Atomic Structure, Nuclear Structure, Radioactivity, Nuclear reactions, X Rays, Charged particle accelerators, Interactions of γ, X photons with matter, Interactions of charged particles with matter, Dosimetry of ionizing radiations, Dosimetry methods and instrumentation, Physical principles of Radiology, Physical principles of Nuclear Medicine, Physical principles of Radiotherapy, Radiobiology, Radiation Protection, Energy, Work and Heat, Physics of the Skeleton, Waves, Acoustics, Ultrasound, Geometrical Optics, Lasers, Basic Physical Properties of Liquids Flow, Basic Applications in Urodynamics, Transport through membranes and biological boundaries, Physical Properties of Gases, Electric Fields-Electrostatic Physics, Electric Current, Magnetism, Useful Bioelectric standards, Semiconductors-Electronics, Biomechanics, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance-Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Non-Ionizing Radiations, Theory for the Laboratory Exercises.