Medical Informatics (MD1008) ECTS


Through lectures, technology demonstrations and laboratory exercises the students will learn to familiarize themselves with the use of computer systems for educational kai medical practice needs. They will also learn relevant terminology and the importance of computer networking. They will also be introduced to the concepts of different medical data types and medical images as well as the content and importance of biomedical data and data processing. Students will learn to describe in terms of algorithms and logical steps medical processes and problems. They will learn to seek valid and up-to-date medical information on the internet and through specialized medical knowledge databases. Students will learn to appreciate the importance of the patient electronic health record and its uses. Students will understand the role and importance of medical information flow and management in medical health information systems and telemedicine systems. Last, they will learn to dynamically use new technologies during their education.


Chouvarda, Ioanna

Associate Professor of Medical Informatics and Biomedical Data Analysis