Otorhinolaryngology (MD1039) ECTS


Learning the basic everyday ENT – Head & Neck diseases. 2. Linking the ENT knowledge with other medical specialties, such as Neurology, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Internal Medicine, Dermatology and Pediatrics. 3. The ability for the student, prospective graduate of medicine, to perform a thorough basic ENT examination. 4. The transmission of practical actions and skills acquisition to the students for the management of everyday ENT diseases and emergency cases. 5. The sensitization of students to medical issues, such as head & neck cancer, childhood deafness, and others which have essential social implications, in order to achieve the early diagnosis and the right direction of the patients. 6. The transmission and acquisition of encyclopedic knowledge in the whole field of ENT and contemporary methods for treating ENT diseases.