A message from our International Studies Office

We are here for each and everyone of our AUSoM students! These are the 3 points that sum up our philosophy:


From applicants to alumni, we act as personal academic advisors. 

Either applicant, first year, or alumnus, we strive to ensure a fulfilling experience for every member of our AUSoM community.

We build on a support system of active listening and targeted academic consultation to seek opportunities and help our students unlock their full potential. For example, we were proud to support AUSoM participation in the 2022 Annual Medical Conference!

Whether you are joining our Welcome Day or seeking information about your graduation ceremony, taking this exciting journey of knowledge with you, is our call and biggest reward!


When it comes to our students, we take things personally. 

You may say that losing your wallet outside the campus and communicating with the local authorities would not be an issue of concern for a university International Studies office. That is not the case for us!

For our community to thrive, we foster a sense of belonging and build interpersonal connections with our students. From facilitating communication between students and teachers (e.g., in a case of illness or inability to attend a lecture) to providing support outside campus, we act as consultants, facilitators, and, sometimes, life coaches!


Ready to live the best years of your life? Let us help you get started!

We provide excellent clinical studies while supporting a balanced lifestyle that promotes well-being, personal development,  and mental health.

Our International Studies Office coordinates involvement in the university’s vibrant social hub through cultural events and community-building activities (blood donations, charity bazaars, Christmas festivals, etc.)

We want our students to feel welcome in Thessaloniki, so we share suggestions for tours, weekend getaways, and places tailored to their needs (e.g., vegan restaurants).


Do you have any questions for our International Studies Office? Connect with us on AUSoM social media accounts!

Aristotle statue, AUTH campus