An AUSoM presence at the 12th Medical Congress!

The English-language Undergraduate Program of AUSoM made a strong presence at the 12th annual Medical Congress. The one-hour session included three lectures by the program instructors and four short presentations by English-speaking students who participated in groups. It was the first time that the Program was included in the rationale and philosophy of the Congress. It was organized to give the English-speaking students the motivation and stimulus to participate in the school's activities and invite them to feel welcome to our AUSom family!

Professor of Cardiology Dr. Vasilikos, discussed the topic of sudden cardiac death and intended to raise awareness among students of all academic years of a condition that is unfortunately common and frequent, highlighting the management of a similar emergencies. The other two lectures were delivered by readers of the Medical Department: Dr. Dafli, Reader of the Laboratory of Medical Physics, discussed digital innovation in modern medical education, while Dr. Theotokis, Reader of the Histology-Embryology Laboratory, described embryology at the undergraduate level and the interconnection with clinical practice and new molecular data.

Student Lectures:

M. Voerman-Tissari, “Gain Better Health through simple choices: a student-designed health promotion video and survey”.

J. Michalopoulos, “A student-designed BLS video and survey”

S. Hohenhaus,T. Ndhokero: “Medical students’ view on the importance of basic clinical skills”.

Α. Hatzipavlou, E. Sazou, S. Tsokkou: “Immunohistochemical study of the expression of the immunological markers IL33 and IL35 on CNS after intraperitoneal injection of amikacin and memantine in wistar rats”.

12th Medical Congress