Neurology I (MD1050) ECTS


The course provides an integrated knowledge of the nervous system in physiological and pathological conditions. This knowledge derives from the study of anatomy and physiology of the nervous system as well as from the understanding of the pathophysilogical mechanisms of disease and their diagnosis and treatment. Lectures in the amphitheater include: introduction to Neurosciences (neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, neu-rophysiology), localization in central and peripheral nervous system, introduction to diagnostic tools (electrophysiology, neuroimaging, CSF analysis)and diseases of the nervous system (stroke, epilepsy, degenerative diseases, demyelinating disorders, infections, tumors, diseases of muscles and nerves and neurological manifestations in systemic diseases).Clinical courses in the teaching room(theory) and practical training in the clinical wards (practice)include : history taking, understanding and performing a neurological examination and have a clinical to several neurological diseases.