Primary Care Medicine & General Medicine (MD1083) ECTS


The course focuses on the following items: 1. Social Medicine: Knowledge and Skills of Social Medicine needed in primary care and general practice. 2. Planning and organization of health services: Information technology and management principles of the health center services. 3. Clinical Skills: Clinical skills in primary care, focusing on the ability to distinguish patients who need hospital care and those treated at home and health center, basic emergency medical operations, access to diagnostic and treatment of the most common acute and chronic diseases in the community home. Team 4. Health: The interdisciplinary health team (definitions – Role distinction), multidisciplinary – interdisciplinary and interprofessional health care of the population. 5. Interface between Primary Health Care: Joint management of the problems of chronic sickness-ture (shared care) among doctors of General Medicine and doctors hospital specialties, referrals and referral decision. 6. Contact: doctor-patient relationship, communication with patients, family, and community agencies. 7. Professional attitude and scientific ethics: Code of Medical Ethics, analysis anthropocentric character of medicine, continuing education and self-education.