We asked, they answered! An interview of our AUSoM students

AUSoM stories in the making. We asked some of our AUSoM students to share their experience from their 1st Year in our School. 

Here is what they say:


1.  Now that you have already completed the first year of Studies, could you tell us which course did you like the most and why?

STELLA: My favourite course so far was "Clinical Skills." It was invaluable and exhilarating for me to learn basic medical procedures, as it felt like a jump into real-life medicine. We also had to prepare a final project where my team was chosen to present at a conference, which was a challenging yet exciting experience!

STEPHEN: I would go for Biochemistry, especially for the second-semester course on metabolism. The experiments gave me a good insight into the laboratory working environment and helped me deepen my knowledge of techniques and equipment.

AMELIE: Overall, I preferred Clinical Skills, as I found the labs to be the most exciting!


2. Which spot in Thessaloniki would you consider your favorite and why?

STELLA: I enjoy being by the sea, right in the city's center. The sea view and open horizon blend beautifully with the hills on the Northern part of the city. Everyone is hospital and caring. Thessaloniki is the place to be!

STEPHEN: Definitely Ano Poli (Upper Town)! The view is breathtaking and makes for some incredible photos. The area is of unique character and has a fantastic atmosphere, especially at sunrise and sunset.

AMELIE: Probably the seafront. It’s a lovely and peaceful place to walk or sit with friends.


3.  What is the moment from your first year of studies in AUSoM that you will never forget?

STELLA: My best moment was the first day I stepped as a student in the same medical school my grandmother graduated from 70 years ago! During my first anatomy class, I felt the same excitement she described having all these years back.

STEPHEN: I will never forget my first visit to the Papageorgiou General Hospital. The building and the hospital staff made such an impression on me, and I hope that during my studies, I will have the chance to be trained there.

AMELIE: My favourite moment was visiting the magnificent beaches of Chalkidiki! 


4. You came straight from your country’s high school to an International University. How would you describe your coexistence with other students from different countries?

STELLA: Although I have already experienced studying abroad, I learned about other students’ cultures and habits - even new words in different languages! - and I am excited for more.

STEPHEN: I felt confident fitting in with international students before joining AUSoM, and I was right to do so!

AMELIE: I think that being able to meet people from different parts of the world is a great way to learn about new cultures and languages.


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An interview of our AUSoM students