MCO & WAHED webinar about Access and Equity


Webinar of Magna Charta Observatory with title “Access and Equity: what should universities do from what they have learnt from the pandemic?”, that is going to held through internet at February 23, 2021, 16:00 CET (17:00 Greek hour).

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About the webinar

The new Magna Charta 2020 ( states that ‘Universities acknowledge that individuals and communities, often due to inequitable circumstances, have difficulty gaining access to higher education or influencing the modes and matter of academic study.’

It urges that ‘universities deliberately seek ways’ to remedy that situation. In recent years the World Access to Higher Education Day has brought focus to access and equity issues with the aim of enabling more to be done to achieve greater access and equity. But then the pandemic struck.

This webinar reflects on what universities have learnt from the pandemic. It includes findings from the Sutton Trust report - University Access, Student Success and COVID-19 in a Global Context (November 2020).

It follows with examples from the USA and Pakistan about actions which have been taken by universities to increase access and equity to inspire universities to seek ways to remedy the current obstacles.

It concludes with insights as to how a values-based approach might lead to a more effective solution to the current challenges.

MCO & WAHED webinar about Access and Equity