Surgery II (and Neurosurgery) (MD1078) ECTS


Duties and responsibilities assigned to students, and also the role that is expected to take are almost similar to those of a First Year Medical Student. However, they are not completely the same. All student activities must be under the strict guidance of specific trainers, with whom they will cooperate closely. The proposals of the students related to the diagnosis, medical and nursing instructions and treatment of surgical patients are expected, encouraged and are welcome from all the medical and nursing staff. However, for educational, patient’s safety and legal reasons, the above actions are the sole responsibility and liability of the medical and nursing staff. We must emphasize that nurses and doctors are working closely and as a team. As part of the education of students, the nursing staff provides invaluable work and we hope that the cooperation of students will be expected to be perfect in every respect. Undoubtedly, the successful treatment of surgical patients requires, inter alia, sincere understanding, sympathy and love towards them. Medical students in order a) to be able to gain patient’s confidence, especially those with whom they come into contact for the first time and b) elicit the necessary diagnostic information related to the physical, mental and social wellness, they must take the patient’s medical history and perform clinical examination with particular delicacy and politeness, respecting human dignity and medical confidentiality. Always remember that each patient has his own personality, which under the influence of his illness, pain, fear and entering the hospital environment can be externalized with multifaceted aspects.